Vase »E-Vaso«

Paola Palma and Carlo Vannicola: vasi doppi modello “E- Vaso”, for Bitossi, Montelupo. E-Vasi is a unique series of vases designed for Bitossi Ceramiche in the 1980’s by Palma & Vannicola. The E-Vasi were conceived as a project combining a classical shape in a modern, square holder. Each piece in the collection has been handmade by master ceramicists and then painted by hand with precious glazes and firings.

Artist: Palma Palola e Vannicula Carlo

Material: Ceramic Set of a positiv and a negativ model of a Vase in different colours, to put together or separate
Size: 24,5 cm x 24,5 cm x 6 cm
Date: 1980
Country: Italy